Campus Media: Informing the masses

By Alan Cho

Your time has come. No longer do you shuffle through the drab walls of high school in a stupor you wished was drug induced. It is time to awake and spit out the ball gag of silence given to you by an anonymous public education system. At the University of Calgary, you have a voice and it will be heard.

Fight corruption and indifference with the written word! The Gauntlet is a free student newspaper available around campus that covers many facets of university life. Come on down to MSC 319 and volunteer. Gain journalism experience as you take down the regime, or get Jimmy Olsen on our ass by offering your talents as a photographer or illustrator. For more information on the Gauntlet check out

Fight the mediocrity that is Avril Lavigne! CJSW 90.9 FM is the university radio station that offers an alternative to those corporate whoring mainstream radio stations. CJSW does not play the same bloody 12 songs all day, offering a smorgasbord of listening delights. Want to fly your flag of musical elitism or become a radio DJ? Visit CJSW down in MSC 127 and volunteer. Volunteering will get you training so don’t worry about your lack of experience. For more information, check out

Fight… HBO? NUTV is the U of C television channel available in two different flavours, closed circuit and full frontal. By volunteering for NUTV, you will acquire the skills needed to subversively sabotage the media machines of the regime from within. NUTV is a place to gain technical training and experience in television production. Learn how to operate a camera or a boom mike and harass people on campus. For more information on NUTV check out or visit their temporary offices in MacEwan Student Centre across from the Black Lounge.

Volunteering for campus media is a great way of getting involved and feeling all fuzzy wuzzy inside. With those feelings of well being your voice will be heard, whether sprawled across the printed page of the Gauntlet, imbedded within the radio waves of CJSW or broadcasted onto luminance television screens via NUTV.

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