Mike Petkau and his magical guitar

Ten months after releasing his debut album Parapet, Mike Petkau is finally able to travel west on a four-city tour with hopes of establishing a bigger name for himself outside his native Winnipeg. Petkau and his band are ready for the tour and very excited to make the trip out west.

"We’re stoked," says Petkau. "We’ve played a little bit out east but I’ve finally got a break in my production schedule that allows this short tour that hits all the right cities."

With the promise of new material and armed with the combination of heavy folk-rock songs and haunting, lyrically adroit songs that made Parapet a critical success, the Wed., Sept. 24 show will undoubtedly be worthwhile. Not to mention cover is free, so there should be no excuses for missing this one.

Petkau has been compared to The Weakerthans as well as The Strokes, and has a moderately recognizable influence taken from songwriters like Tom Waits and Nick Drake. With much of his new material written for piano, Petkau will be splitting his time between a guitar and piano set which promises entertainment for those that go both ways–musically. Petkau hopes to leave people with a feeling they spent their time wisely by attending his show.

"I’m a pretty active guy on stage," explains Petkau. "I like to use my space. I want people to come to a show, enjoy it, connect with what they are hearing and what they are seeing on-stage and at the end of the night go away happy."

Mike Petkau plays Original Joe’s on 34 Ave. Wed., Sept. 24 with guest Dave Quanbury. No cover charge.

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