SU GM selected

By Ben Hoffman

By the end of October, the process of selecting a new general manager for the Students’ Union should be complete, and a new GM will be in place. The SU had headhunting firm Conroy Ross search for an appropriate candidate for seven weeks, and the process is now coming to a close.

The candidate was selected from over 30 applicants by an arduous process of interviewing and re-interviewing, and delays have set back the original estimate of when the new GM would be in place from the end of September to the end of October.

“We’re very excited to be soon welcoming a new member to the team,” said SU President Jayna Gilchrist, happy the search is ending.

GM of the SU, according to Gilchrist, is a very sought-after position because it is both varied and lucrative. As well, the SU has the fifth largest operating budget of students’ unions in Canada.

“The candidates we had for general manager are probably the best in Canada,” Gilchrist said.

In the end, the candidates moved to the next round because of how they fit with the other SU executives and directors. The mysterious final candidate, Gilchrist assured, won the position because he was intelligent regarding business, creative and knowledgeable, but mostly because he was a good fit.

“A lot of this job is based on personality,” said Gilchrist.

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