A song for Alberta’s centennial

By Salima Bhanji

When Alberta blows out 100 candles on its cake in 2005, Albertans won’t be singing “Happy Birthday,” they will be singing the new Alberta official song. In order to find the perfect tune, the Alberta Official Song Contest is currently soliciting entries. The winning entry will become the official song and the winning composer will… Continue reading A song for Alberta’s centennial

Canadian TV is at a crossroads

By Falice Chin

There is no doubt television plays a role in Canadian lifestyle as a major source of entertainment and information. However, in terms of Canadian television, the message is the American medium. "Two of the biggest [problems] are the continuing flood of American programming onto Canadian channels and the problem of new technologies," commented Dr. Bart… Continue reading Canadian TV is at a crossroads

Freak out Zappa style

By Ken Clarke

Frank Zappa once said, "rock and roll journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read." Bearing this in mind, let’s be brief. Dec. 4, 2003 marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of the most innovative, experimental and technically brilliant musician of the 20th century—Francis Vincent Zappa.… Continue reading Freak out Zappa style

Yo Quiero Candy

By Bitey the magical tapeworm

Buenos días mis amigos, mi llamo Bitey the magical tapeworm. I’m well travelled, so to speak, and I’ve seen places you’ll probably only dream about-cavernous, hidden environs no God-fearing man dares to speak about. When the Gauntlet’s Sports Editor, Dale Miller, brought me back from my home sweet home in sunny Mexico, I thought I’d… Continue reading Yo Quiero Candy

Modern illusions

By Karoline Czerski

When Jacek Malek became director of the Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts in 1997, the outdated artspace suffered from financial difficulties, questionable presentation, fluorescent lighting and cheap carpeting. Today, the Gallery has a first-rate appearance, a renowned reputation and international allure. It has a clear focus at its core: the presentation of contemporary Canadian visual… Continue reading Modern illusions

Blinker the Star

By Garth Paulson

Formulas are great for calculating standard deviations and figuring out all there is to know about our good friend the triangle. The formula doesn’t hold up as well when it comes to rock music though. It’s true that thousands of great songs have been made using the standard verse-chorus-verse formula, but contrary to what far… Continue reading Blinker the Star

Death In Vegas

By Myke Atkinson

Death in Vegas have always worn their influences brightly and without shame. Since the day I heard the wicked grungy beats of “Dirt” off their debut album I have been in love with the band, so let me share some of that love with you.Scorpio Rising is the pair of producers’ third offering to date… Continue reading Death In Vegas