If you haven’t given a Doves disc a listen, I sincerely suggest you do.

Lost Souls, their debut album, had all the indie kids proclaiming their newfound love in all its brooding glory, while their 2002 release, The Last Broadcast, took this former backing band to Badly Drawn Boy into the top 10 lists of many reviewers that year. Taking from the vault of tracks left over in the recording of these two albums, Doves have released Lost Sides to coincide with a retrospective DVD.

The fact that this material is pulled from the vaults of only two discs and sounds as amazing as it does makes me want to hear the rest of what’s locked away. Though Lost Sides is just a collection, it is quite possibly their most captivating release yet and sounds even more like an album than the actual albums the band has released.

Tunes like the groovy, piano-based “Hit the Ground Running” to the make-me-want-to-jiggle-uncontrollably “Crunch” all add up to a disc that is required listening for everyone who reads this. Quite possibly the most exciting thing to come out of Britain in the last five years, Doves deserve more than just your ear.


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