Once Upon A Time in Mexico Soundtrack

Robert Rodriguez’ soundtrack to the third installment in one of the most excessively violent trilogies in existence captures the spicy and sensual moments of an awesome film.

The soundtrack is essential to the story, as Antonio Banderas’ character is El Mariachi, a man of music. It’s constantly energetic and exciting.

And screw doing your own stunts, Johnny Depp wrote his own musical entrance theme in this one. Sure, it’s a little bit of self-glorification on his part, but the track’s enormous ego matches that of the character in the film.

The album also includes a track performed by the lovely Salma Hayek, as well as another by Brian Setzer.

Anyone driving to Mexico in the next decade should consider picking this album up for cruisin’ tunes. Just skip through the diva tracks when you’re driving slow enough for people to see your face and you might not get shot.

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