Don’t despair


Seven people wake up to find themselves inside of a deadly Rubik’s Cube. Don’t expect to find out why.

This is an ultra-low budget sci-fi flick, filmed entirely in one cubic set, with only the color of the lighting changing to signify the characters have moved. Strange, but good. A sequel, Hypercube, has been released, but I’ve yet to see it.

Cannibal! The Musical

Lovingly crafted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the South Park guys), Cannibal! tells the tale of Alfred Packer, a 19th century explorer on trial for killing and eating his crew. The combination of absurdist comedy with extreme gore and surprisingly well-written show tunes makes for one hell of an enjoyable show.

Highlights include "When I Was on Top of You," a loving tribute to Packer’s horse, and the DVD director’s commentary, which consists of Parker and friends getting drunk to the point of incoherence.

The Wrong Guy

Written off by many as a bad Fugitive parody, this Dave Foley vehicle is actually surprisingly amusing. Foley stars as a man who thinks he’s on the run from the law, although in reality he isn’t even a suspect.

While it’s not the strongest premise, the "murder" scene alone is worth the paltry couple bucks Roger’s will charge you for it. Not the most cerebral comedy ever, but certainly worth a watch.


A friend of mine convinced some people to rent this one by telling them it was a romantic comedy. From the first half of the movie, you could almost believe it.

It isn’t.

This Japanese horror movie has one of the most disturbing endings ever filmed, and many people can’t make it all the way through. Not for the squeamish, anyone who has trouble with needles or those who consider David Lynch "too weird".

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

Jesus returns to kung-fu fight against lesbian vampires who can walk in the daylight. God appears in an ice cream sundae. It’s a musical. What more do you want?

This one is extremely difficult to track down.


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