Holiday happenings and goings on in women’s basketball

By Lee Bogle

While the rest of us were still recovering from the excess of alcohol which accompanies New Year’s Eve, the University of Calgary women’s basketball team was already back out on the court. They hosted the Holiday Hoops Tournament January 2-4.

The first victims of the Dinos’ onslaught were the Thunderwolves of Lakehead University. For daring to venture outside Ontario, they were rewarded with a 71-32 shellacking. All Dinos registered on the score sheet, with Jessica Foltinek leading the charge with 19 points.

When queried on the weekend, Lakehead Head Coach Jon Kreiner said he enjoyed the fresh mountain air and visiting the Calgary Tower. He sure as hell didn’t enjoy having his ass handed to him by the Dinos.

The next eve proved more challenging for our ladies as they played the #3 ranked University of Victoria Vikes. While leading at the half, they were unfortunately vanquished down the home stretch, falling 78-73.

But the Dinos did not go gently into that good night, as they returned Sunday with the fervour of a Richard Simmons workout video to challenge the cross-province rivals known as the University of Alberta Pansies. Or is it Pandas?

Avenging an embarrassing loss earlier in the season, the Dinos unrelentingly battered the ladies of green and gold to the tune of 64-45. Presenting a standout performance was Michelle Stiphout, who netted player of the game honours.

"I was given an opportunity to step up," a modest Stiphout proclaimed about her breakout performance.

Head Coach Shawnee Harle agreed, "That’s why we recruited her."

Also celebrated were Tanya Hautala and Cory Bekkering, now with tournament All-Star sashes to call their own.

In summation the girls followed expectations, beating the underdogs and losing to a very strong Victoria team.

An Ode to our Fallen Brethren

It was late in the third game,

What occurred was a shame.

Foltinek buckled,

The opposition chuckled.

Dampening her recently acquired fame.

Last month’s Player of the Week,

A new post the team must seek.

She led all in points,

But she needs new joints,

Her torn ACL makes things look bleak.


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