U-Pass Not Up Ass

By Murray Birt

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I would like to issue a complaint about the campaign material being used by the "No" U-Pass campaign. In the electoral supplement, on posters, and on their website, the campaign is using the phrase "No Up Ass." I find that the hyphenation of "U-Pass" into "Up Ass" both offensive and distasteful. By forming an association with anal sex or with the slang meaning of "up your ass," the campaign is acting in bad taste. While it is a clever "spin," some phrases are just not called for.

I am not sure what remedy to my complaint is available, because if they are a properly formatted campaign then it is unlikely the election could be declared invalid. I would suggest a reprimand be issued, either the campaign materials be immediately amended to be less offensive or else be removed, and possibly the Students’ Union reimbursement of the campaign team be denied.

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