Easy steps to convocating

By Herb Mathisen

For all students in their last year of study, there’s probably one date they should keep an eye on: Mar. 1, the deadline to apply to convocate. But what hoops do you need to jump through to get that degree and graduate?

To start, choosing courses that fit together within a program is important. Combined degrees are designed for five years of study, regular Bachelor’s degrees are four-year programs, requiring 25 full-course equivalents, while general studies degrees require 20 full-course equivalents.

"You won’t be able to convocate unless you complete all your requirements," said Amber Baker, a Student Inquiries Advisor.

And remember, your GPA needs to be above 2.0.

If you have already completed all the requirements for your degree, or expect to by the end of the semester, then all you have left to do is apply for it. You can pick up degree application forms at the Registrar’s Office or on their website.

By filling out the application form, your transcript information is looked over to ensure you have completed everything you need. If everything’s in order, your name will be added to the grad list.

The Registrar’s Office is currently working on making this process easier by posting the form on the Infonet.

The deadline to submit forms for June convocation is Mar. 1, while the November convocation deadline is Aug. 15.

"If you go by strict deadlines, that’s the case," said Baker, adding somewhat hesitantly the Registrar’s Office do make exceptions to a point.

Baker insists it is better to submit the form before the deadline because it takes time to process applications.

If you have any questions regarding degree requirements, the U of C Calendar and the Degree Navigator on the Infonet, are good resources.

Talking to someone is the easiest option and you can always visit student advisors in the Undergraduate Program Office (SS 209).

But how much does it cost to graduate? Obtaining your actual degree costs nothing. However, to participate in the convocation ceremony you need to rent a gown and pay for a hat. Never fear, assures Baker, you get to keep the hat.

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