Hostile election campaigns

By Josh Woitas

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I am an MBA student and a Barski’s Cabinet supporter, and, although I can’t vote, I have put a great deal of time into their campaign.

Up to this point, I have never been actively involved in politics, and am quite taken back by the hostility displayed by several of the other candidates and certain Students’ Union members in particular. I truly believe that, if elected, Barski’s Cabinet will be an asset to this school, and I find it shameful certain individuals are working so hard not to support and market their own campaigns, but to smear Barski and spread hate for no other reason than to benefit themselves. What people are forgetting is that this election is not about personal attacks and ganging up on other candidates, it’s about getting the majority of voter support.

I truly believe certain individuals have stopped campaigning and instead have started building defences against Barski’s Cabinet based solely on lies, negative personal opinions and fear. To these individuals, I ask you this: "if you had the opportunity to assemble 20 people who you believed were diversified, capable, intelligent and focused on the best interests of the students, would you?"

If you can honestly say you wouldn’t, that you would prefer to remain independent, I encourage you to voice your opinions based on facts and not lies.

However, think about it, if you could form a majority government that, in your opinion, is representative of the student body and would be able to effectively work for the students, wouldn’t you give it a shot? If you would or could, how would you feel if certain individuals attacked you for no other reason but to tarnish your image and nullify your hard work?

Regardless, I understand this is politics and these things do happen, but I would like to say that a lot of people are being extremely hypocritical, and if Barski’s Cabinet wins, a nice dose of humility will be distributed around the school.

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