No Way to Head Into Playoffs

By Lee Bogle

The University of Calgary women’s basketball squad faced the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Feb. 13-14 in their final games of the regular season. The festive fans at the Jack were not to be disappointed, as the play was magnifique!

Oddly enough, Friday the thirteenth was a lucky affair. The Dinos deal with the Devil got them an early lead which they held onto by periodically kicking the downed Huskies. They were led by Tanya Hautala and her 18points in the first half alone, giving the ladies a 35-28 halftime lead.

The second half saw a strong shell on Hautala, setting up Shari Jonker to shine like the starlet she is. The duo of Hautala and Jonker were offensive juggernauts, finishing with 24 and 17 respectively. Good golly gee, that’s a lot of points!

Jonker was awarded player de la jeux in the Dinos 71-60 win.

“Personally I had a better end to the season,” she said of her strong play in the last few weeks.

Cupid prepared a special arrow for the Dinos this Valentine’s eve, as they were struck with a love for something other than the sport of basketball. This allowed the Husky women to don the pants of the relationship. Ignoring the time honoured rule of thumb, the flatlanders beat the Dinos with a two-by-four to the tune of 67-59. At least every Dino got on the score sheet, right before joining the Den denizens into the wee hours of the morn.

Saturday’s loss put the Dinos up against Canada’s top ranked team, the University of Regina Cougars. They played Feb. 20-21. If you feel the need to be educated on the results of the match, its covered in another story that’s but a finger click away.