Board of Govrnors rep re-elected

By Natalie Sit

Students re-elected Board of Governors representative Irene Enyedy for a second term.

For Enyedy it is a huge relief and a chance to continue her plans to implement change on the BOG.

“We will review what we know and how we can help make the tuition discussion a clearer and happier decision for the coming year,” said Enyedy, who won with 2,511 votes. “I also have future plans to work more closely with individual board members to develop smaller programs in order to assist with some of the student funding issues.”

This is the third time Enyedy has run for a position. Two years ago she was the Vice-President Events. She believes even though her VP Events campaign was more broad than her BOG campaign, it’s still gratifying to achieve a goal.

“My campaign for VP Events involved more of my time and effort as well as required much more of my friends and colleagues support,” said Enyedy. “Running this election was not as extensive so it was not as glorifying, but definitely just as exciting.”

Enyedy’s opponent, current Operations and Finance Commisisoner Scott Appleby, was disappointed with the results however he still wants to represent students on BOG next year. In the meantime, he’ll try for the vacant Students’ Union Engineering faculty representative position.

“I’ll go to a few board meetings,” said Appleby, who lost with 1,728 votes. “Maybe Irene will show me the ropes or, if not, I’ll see what’s going on and be prepared for next year to run.”

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