More Campus Security happenings

By Salima Stanley-Bhanji

While January is a quiet month for Campus Security, there were still some need for the men and women in blue.

A major power outage on a Friday evening required the evacuation of MacEwan Hall, including the Den.

“Most people were cooperative except for one individual,” explained Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

This highly intoxicated Den patron began kicking the walls and doors as he was leaving. He subsequently lost his footing and fell to the ground, striking his face on the pavement.

“This individual was then taken to hospital for some treatment,” said Fritz.

Another separate incident at the Den involved a male patron who had been asked to leave after fighting with other patrons, assaulting a staff member.

“Almost all of our assaults on campus are confined to bar fights and usually, or in many cases, consensual bar fights–two guys agree to settle things by punching each other out,” said Fritz.

As well, plainclothes officers patroled the men’s locker room in Kinesiology.

“This patrol was a result of several recent locker break-ins,” explained Fritz.

One of the officers on patrol observed a known trespasser for some time who was then arrested and charged.

“We learned through this investigation that he was responsible for numerous thefts in the Kinesiology locker rooms last year and was still facing the courts for those particular charges,” said Fritz. “He was also responsible for numerous thefts nine years ago in Kinesiology.”

Other reported activity included a number of car prowlings both in Lot 10 and Varsity Court Student Family Housing parking.

“Windows were smashed in and personal contents were stolen,” said Fritz. The four reported incidents all occurred within a few days of each other. While no further car break-ins have been reported recently, Fritz acknowledged “these things come and go.”

To prevent car break-ins and theft from cars, Fritz offers a few tips.

“We would recommend the use of a security bar on steering wheels. This acts as a great deterrent,” said Fritz. “Where possible, park under a street lamp, and do not leave valuables in open view, even things like a few dollars of change or CDS. Anything that is of any value at all should always be out of sight.”

Campus Security also updated their uniforms due to a concern from the Calgary Police Service.

“Our existing outerwear makes us look too much like police officers, particularly from a distance,” said Fritz. The new uniform is a navy blue and bright gold costume.

“We have a bright gold yolk on the shoulders that will allow us to be a lot more visible on campus, which is a good thing,” said Fritz.

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