Ballots – Ben Hoffman

By Ben Hoffman

President: Bryan West

West has the most relevant experience and is the least likely to make a mess of things. A close second to Andrew Simon, who had many great ideas.

VP Academic: Laura Schultz

No amount of radical ideas or personality beats a good knowlege of the subect at hand, which is something Schultz definitely has over her opponents.

VP External: Jim Bailey

Bailey seems to be the most personable–and friends count when both the provincial and federal governments are having elections.

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

VP Op-Fi: Jarrod Fuhr

Fuhr seems like he would get along with people better than Clayton, so he wins out of the two. It wouldn’t be terrible if Clayton won, though.

Board of Governers: Irene Enyedy

Enyedy and Appleby are probably equally suited for the job, but Enyedy has a year of previous work which will let her do the job better. Enyedy also has some good plans for continuing what she started last year.

Senate: Spoiled ballot

There really is no choice here at all. Allegations against two candidates make their motivations and political skills highly suspect, and the third didn’t know a whole bunch about senate. Thanks for coming out, guys.

Accessability Levy: Yes

Travel Levy: Yes

Library Levy: Yes

The levy reduction caused by voting yes on these three issues might be small, but it gives a good message to the SU that we like the fact that they are trying to cut levies and charge students less. If they can run with smaller amounts of money from us, they should.

U-Pass: No

It is true that U-Pass service has gone downhill since Dalhousie. It’s important to let Calgary Transit know that we are paying customers and we don’t like this.

SLA: Yes

$0.75 a semester in exchange for the guarantee that free legal assistance stays on campus is worth every penny.

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