In Father Time’s bad books

By Lee Bogle and Sean Nyilassy

As we sit back and reflect on the penultimate weekend of the University of Calgary women’s basketball team’s season, we wonder how the Dinos keep surprising us by lowering their standards and falling victim to teams such as the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns.

Though Fri., Feb. 6 resulted in a W, had the opposition been able to see the future, the Dinos would have been dispatched promptly. Their comeback from a nine-point deficit is noteworthy, however, neither team played with Jordan-esque flair. Friday ultimately finished 62-55 for the host Dinos.

"We had a great second half, holding them to 15 points," commented Head Coach Shawnee Harle. "That’s good D!"

Putting up the big numbers for the Dinos were Tanya Hautala with 12, Shari Jonker with 11 and Cory Bekkering punishing the opponents for 10 in both the rebounding and scoring columns. Jade Jensen led the way, however, bamboozling the ‘Horns for 15 points, nabbing player de la game honours.

The Pronghorns came out a-fightin’ Sat., Feb. 7, trying to atone for the fact that they hail from Lethbridge. They led by nine with five minutes left in the first half, but shooting sensation Hautala would have none of that. Two treys later the Dinos were back on the momentum train, closing out the first half tied at 34. Hautala led all scorers with 12 at the interlude.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

The Dinos once again fell low and were down by 16 with just under 10 minutes left in the game. Under the pressure of an ACME anvil in a Warner Bros. cartoon, Lindsay Maundrell and Jonker valiantly led the team in a comeback that would find the Dinos a mere five points behind multiple times in the last few minutes.

Unfortunately, Dinos bruisers Jonker and Hautala were too-often caught roughing up the ladies on the visiting team. The price they paid for this dastardly offence was a one-way ticket to the bench for the last couple minutes of play. Their victims’ reward was two timely charity points each, keeping the Pronghorns that nose length ahead.

"I am aggressive defensively," Hautala admitted. "For me to be 5ïz´3ïz´ïz´ and play at this level, I have to be."

Jonker also admits to being rough and aggressive. When asked if her rivals avoid eye contact with her for fear of her wrath, she whipped back "I would hope so!"

The bane of the Dinos was a mortal enemy known to us all. The force that makes you miss class and busses reared its ugly head again. It is currently causing my ass to sag.

Time, you thorn in my backside, could you not have spared the Dinos another minute to complete the glorious comeback long in the making?

Regrettably, in an incident currently under Canadian Inter-university Sport review, time was bought by the voluminous coffers of the Pronghorn elite. They squeaked by with an 80-76 win.

Dino great Maundrell led the team with 20 ticks on the tally-hoo, and managed to steal a few hearts along the way. Close on her heals were Hautala with 16, Jonker with 15 and Bekkering with 13.

"I’m frustrated to give 80 points to the last place team in our division," lamented Harle.

Not only was it frustrating to the coach, but to all of us watching knowing the Dinos could have won.

The Jack Simpson Gymnasium shall see a crucial pair of contests Feb. 13-14 consisting of the Dinos and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. If the Dinos are able to defeat the Husky women on Friday and Saturday night, they will sit atop the mountain that is the Central Division.

"We need to play 80 minutes of good, smart, aware basketball," summed up Harle.