By Peter Hemminger

So this band, they sound kind of like the Beta Band because they mix nice acoustic guitars with pretty wicked basslines and sound like they’re probably on some kind of drugs. But then they also sound a little like the Postal Service because of the glitchy electronic sounds they like to mix into the background. And sometimes you could swear they were a dreamy shoegazer group, which is cool too, but then the next song they’re all bouncy and it just makes you smile.

And the beats just make you want to nod your head, like “yeah, this is good stuff.” This band is so good you’d think they were British. I swear, they’re that good.

You’d never guess it from the album cover, though. It’s this ugly pixilated semi truck or something. Maybe it’s supposed to show their mix of hi-tech and low-tech. Whatever. They’re making good, interesting pop music. That’s what matters.

Yeah, you should definitely check this band out. You’d probably like ’em.

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