By Garth Paulson

Breaking this album/video game/monstrosity into its constituent parts seemed to be the only way to adequately review it. Who needs style anyway?

Production: Oh dear God! Now, I’m in no way opposed to the DIY ethic, but this is ridiculous. It honestly sounds like four guys with instruments were dinking around in front of a computer and recorded their jam session on that sound recording program that comes with Windows.

Music: If you listen carefully, there is the odd moment of decent instrumental work on 5. Unfortunately, Tetrix fills every single second of each damn song with a static fuzz. Combine this with the already fuzzy production and all you get is pure suck.

Vocals: Why?

Video game: Adding a video game to an album where members of the band fight each other in NES style graphics is a pretty cool idea. However, making that very same game one that cannot be beaten in less than five minutes by repeatedly tapping the space bar would be an entirely cooler idea.

Positive Elements: The best attribute this album possesses is that it makes already good music seem even better. I once slipped My Morning Jacket’s It Still Moves into my stereo after listening to Tetrix and the feeling I experienced was nearly orgasmic. The silence after the CD stops spinning is also rather awesome.

Conclusion: I don’t like giving local bands scathing reviews but in Tetrix’s case it couldn’t be avoided. This is quite simply worse than terrible.

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