VP External – Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney, with Students’ Union experience, a firm understanding of the position, a clean grasp of the issues and a modicum of ideas, would indeed make a good Vice-President External.

Maloney aptly recognized the successes and failures of VPs past, singling out Nick Vukovic’s involvement with students and pointing to Lauren Batuik’s skill in the community and with administration. If elected, instead of focusing on just one area, he would take a broader approach.

As VP External, Maloney said he would attempt to engage the community, recognizing the need for public support for any influence in government. He also wants a better image within local media. He called the Benson and Hedges sponsorship (which garnered some of the worst outside press the SU has received in years) a “poop show,” and said he learned very valuable lessons.

Maloney recognized opportunities for community outreach in the university senate. While some downplay its effectiveness, Maloney is right in wanting to align himself with administration in its fight for public support, and the senate is a good opportunity.

He also recognizes the potential for involving students. Operation Barricade (while small in size and scope, due in large part to a shortsighted executive) was half his initiative.

Maloney may lack some of the charisma required to influence politicians on his own, but what he lacks in panache he makes up in ideas and his insistence on using our existing lobby groups effectively.

Combining protests on the streets and suits in the board rooms, to use his cliche, will be a fresh approach after two years of polar opposites.

What will be your lobbying priorities?

“Looking at all points is the best, but at the end of the day the provincial government
has the most impact. Next would be the community, followed by the federal [government].”

How will you determine what students’ issues are?

“If I’m voted in, then I consider that as sanctioning my mandate, and after that:
ear to the ground. Mostly, get out and talk to students and be more open.”

How will you communicate those issues to the outside world?

“Press releases, of course… and also direct communication with community groups.”

What will your role be on the senate?

“The administration needs to be alongside the students saying that funding is
unsustainable the way it’s currently set up and that public education is the way
to go.”

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