VP Op-Fi – Angus Campbell

As the strongest outside candidate, Angus Campbell has some interesting and viable visions for the VP Op-Fi portfolio, but none which are distinctly his own. Though he lacks the particular SU experience of the inside candidates, his experience with business operations and his desire to further transform the SU work to his advantage.

Campbell is not well-versed in the operations and finances of the Students’ Union but he should have little difficulty learning his desired role once in office, drawing from his experiences heading a charity and a natural resources company in British Columbia and his time as player-president of the U of C Rugby Club.

His ideas regarding financial and structural improvements that could be made within the organization, such as recapitalizing the MacEwan Student Centre and reducing petty infighting and increasing the quality of representation, are neither broad nor deep. He has articulated few details of how he would achieve his goals. His generic ideas, most applicable to improving business efficiency, complement a desire to make SU operations more business-like.

Most of Campbell’s plans focus around business development in the MacEwan Students Centre, bringing in student-friendly businesses and services which currently exist only off campus. The biggest challenges to his ambitious ideas are his lack of understanding of the SU bureaucracy and overcoming the inertia of the organization.

With or without the remainder of his slate, Campbell has a decent chance of benefiting the Students’ Union with a term in office.

What do students need and how will you find this out?

“We’ll listen to everyone’s concerns and be approachable. I want to be the person
with the corner office at the Den.”

What will your priorities once you’re in office?

“Mac Hall is not a proper representation of students’ wants… We have four muffin
shops. Students want more than just muffins.”

What is your position on the U-Pass?

“My personal stance is it benefits some students, but not many. I’m looking out
for the majority of students.”

What is your experience with money and finances?

“I have run junior gold companies. I am currently president of a charity based
in Vancouver, and I have worked on numerous boards and with people on those boards.”

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