Vyskocil is eventful

By Katie Hobday

The race for Vice-President Events was probably the least exciting in an election of epic proportions. With only two candidates running, it was also the smallest.

“I’m super happy,” said Alex Vyskocil, who won with 2,954 votes. “I have wanted this position since last year, so it’s time.”

Vyskocil, currently an Events Commissioner, says he will now be more confident with anything he does from now on in the SU.

“I’ll definitely let Krafty [Bergen, current VP Events] finish his term,” Vyskocil quickly added.

The race was essentially over before voting began when Vyskocil’s opponent, Action Party candidate Spencer Brown, chose not to campaign.

“I’m really surprised I received as many votes as I did,” said Brown, who garnered 1,616 votes. “I would have been content with over 100, so over 1,000 was unexpected but also very pleasant.”

Vyskocil attributes some of his success to his posters.

“My posters were really great,” he said. “I’m really happy with how they turned out. I could have campaigned harder on the ground.”

The competitiveness in other races seemed to elude the VP Events portfolio.

“Alex and I are friends, as we’re both at CJSW, and as such you didn’t see the kind of cutthroat tactics employed by various camps vying for, say, the presidential position,” said Brown.

Vyskocil is already looking forward to his term.

“Next year is gonna be killer.”

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