More “Life in Hell”!

By Finnigan R. McDonald

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Mistakes were made," July 9, 1987,

I have a bone to pick with the "enlightened" decision-makers who purport to run your "newspaper." It has everything to do with things not being what they once were.

You see, in my day, the Gauntlet not only had balls and teeth but humour. Legitimate, side-splitting, knock-you-off-your-Mac-Hall-seat-spilling-coffee-all-over-the-awkward-kid-sitting-next-to-you humour.

I am, of course, referring to the one and only Matt Groening and his brilliant opus "Life in Hell."

Where has it gone?

Why must a new generation of twitchy caffeine addicts posing as blossoming academics be deprived of what was the greatest part of my University of Calgary experience?

I implore–nay, I demand–the Gauntlet reinstate those little acid hallucinations that so curiously resemble the Trix rabbit.

Do it for me, for the students, for the school, indeed, for society as a whole.

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