Engineers fight HIV/AIDS and world hunger

By Kelli Stevens

Some people look at world issues with detachment, but Calgary’s chapter of “Engineers Without Borders,” aware of HIV/AIDS and world hunger.

On Thu., Mar. 4, Calgary celebrated EWB Day with an event in the North Courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre titled “Bridging the Gap.” The event involved constructing a bridge and gave students the opportunity to fight world hunger–literally.

“[An EWB member] was wearing a foam suit and went through the crowd, offering people the chance to fight him if they gave donations,” said EWB Calgary Chapter Vice-President Communications Karen Ng Cheng Hin.

All proceeds from the day’s events were donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, an organization named after a former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations and currently appointed as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

EWB Calgary Chapter President David Damberger thought the event was successful on two counts.

“Not only did we raise [$507] for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, but we raised a ton of awareness about HIV, we raised awareness about world hunger, we raised awareness about EWB, and most importantly, we had a really fun time doing it,” he explained.

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