By Evan Turner

Once you get over the fact that -M- is a guy in a bright pink suit, with a pink guitar and a haircut that can only be described as demonically cat-woman in nature, I figure you’ll have listened to about half the CD. By that time, you’ll be so confused trying to figure out if this artist has a specific style apart from his clothing you won’t know left from right.

As the CD is entirely in French I have no idea what is being said, but all of the songs seem to be sung in a very lulled, even "sexy" way. The rhythms are very catchy and there is a unique funkiness on each track.

Surprisingly, an entertaining addition to the music are the extras. When I loaded the CD up onto my computer I was greeted by a virtual, pink guitar. Moving the cursor over each string plays the corresponding note with a twang. Clicking on each string brings up different menus of bonus features such as photographs and videos.

Even without knowing any French, this is extremely entertaining music.

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