Students running in election

By Chris Beauchamp

Two University of Calgary students have launched bids to become Members of Parliament under the Green Party banner.

Danielle Roberts and Morgan DuFord, both members of the Campus Greens, will run in the upcoming federal election. Roberts, who is working toward a degree in earth science, emphasized the bid is aimed at increasing awareness for the Green Party.

“A lot of people don’t know that the Green Party exists in Alberta,” she said. “We want to let people know the Green Party is here and we’re not leaving. We’re not a one-policy party. The federal Greens have a policy for every federal issue.”

Both Roberts and DuFord expressed disappointment with the levels of voter apathy in recent elections, and see their candidacies as a chance to get people interested. They stressed the Green Party prefers “face-to-face” campaigning methods over high publicity ad campaigns.

“Just talking to people about politics will actually make them want to go out and vote,” said DuFord, who holds a degree in microbiology and is pursuing another in computer science. “I’d like people to vote for the Green Party, but for me I’d just like to see people vote.”

Roberts will be running in the university’s riding of Calgary West. She said as an MP, she would focus on battling high tuition and improving public transit.

“I would take a hard look at the transit system,” she said. “I’d really like to understand it more, and improve it.”

DuFord pledged to make public research a priority, claiming MPs should not wait for their constituents to come to them. She supports “anything that can encourage people to act more environmental,” proposing GST rebates for locally produced and organic food.

Both candidates admitted their odds of winning a seat are not high.

“Basically, I just want to get information out there for people,” stated DuFord.

Rather than consider their youth and lack of experience as a strike against them, Roberts sees this as positive.

“We’re young and we’re new,” Roberts said. “This is our country and it’s scary that we’re letting other people run it. We need to get out there and let them hear our voice.

“You’re only young once.”

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