Clarifying Kids Can Cope program

By Sayward Wilkinson Blanc

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Helping cancer patients foot by foot," Apr. 1, 2004,

There are some clarifications that need to be made in regards to the program the Developmental Arts Society was raising money for.

The "Kids Can Cope" program is sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society in partnership with the Tom Baker Cancer Center. It is a program offered to children and teens that are coping with cancer in their families but are not necessarily suffering from the illness themselves. The goal of the program is to allow children the opportunity to discuss how cancer is affecting them and their families and allows a safe environment where children can interact with others dealing with the same issues and concerns around cancer.

One of the reasons we chose to support this program was the art component that is offered to the children as a method of coping with the illness within their families.

We appreciate the coverage of the event, however we feel it is important that these corrections are made in order to properly represent the program, its intent and its sponsors.

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