Track and Field

By Sean Nyilassy

I can’t think of a word to describe this team’s talent, so I’m going to make
one up. Amtifluecent. There, I said it. They had Jessica Zelinka, capturing two
golds, a silver and a bronze at the national championships earning herself CIS
Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year in the process.


In short, Les Gramantik and Doug Lamont are very good at what they do, and
both have been honoured in the past for their efforts.


The ladies were beaten at Canada Wests and nationals by the astounding University
of Saskatchewan Huskies, who have an impressive string of consecutive titles at
both. The Dinos will eventually end up on top. Unfortunately, "eventually"
didn’t come this year.

Overall: B

Country: Australia. If you can hold onto the whole continent, you get two
extra men every turn in a game of Risk–but nobody wants just two extra men. This
team doesn’t want to be second, but that’s where they’re stuck ’till next year.

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