Women’s Basketball

By Ryan Laverty

Shortly after being named CIS Female Athlete of the Week, Jessica Foltinek
tore her ACL. To make things worse, the third highest scorer in Canada West, Tanya
Hautala, injured her ankle during the run for a spot at nationals. Lindsay Maundrell
was another key player for the Dinos, representing on Canada West’s scoring and
rebound charts.

Head Coach Shawnee Harle took on the youngest team she has trained since
joining the Dinos in 1994. She may not have created the team she wants yet, but
the foundation is in place.

This young team defeated some of Canada’s top teams over the year. Unfortunately,
when Canada West playoffs came, they were knocked out in the first round by the
top team in the nation. A couple more wins and they would have had an easier first
round and possibly a chance to attend nationals. But they didn’t.

Overall: B-

Country: Italy. Really, when it comes down to it they get the boot. ‘Cause,
you know, that’s what the country looks like on a map. On a less cheesy note,
the mob is due for a comeback.

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