Well, it certainly is good advice: no one likes spillage

By Javan Bernakevitch

After making “all possible mistakes,” Ryan Mueller and Kelly Badger have finally produced their first graffiti magazine, Never Whistle While You’re Pissing.

According to Mueller, creating your own magazine can be difficult, but after four months the 38-page black and white/colour magazine was completed. On their digital, 35mm and panoramic cameras, Mueller and Badger shot the magazine’s pictures on Calgary, Montreal and Winnipeg streets and in train yards. Coming from a variety of cities and locations, the magazine’s pictures offer diverse styles and creativity.

Mueller and Badger, both fourth-year Communications students, have a passion for graffiti.

"People have to overcome all these odds to do it," says Mueller of his passion for the art-form. "It’s fascinating to me that people who are adults will be motivated for something that is largely detrimental to their lifestyle and social standing."

Mueller also believes there is an amazing appeal for some people to illegally produce graffiti without any compensation other than personal satisfaction. One of the great challenges to graffiti artists is the short life span of their work, making it an endangered species.

"Graffiti is so temporary, it’s nice to have a record," explains Badger.

With other writers constantly covering artwork and authorities always at the ready to erase it, graffiti needs a permanent place for refuge. Badger and Mueller are happy to provide that refuge with Never Whistle While You’re Pissing.

The two found the project a little trying at times, but love will prevail.

"Compromise is a beautiful thing," Mueller smiles.

Other than the battles over which pictures to include, the title was also debated before they finally agreed on Never Whistle While You’re Pissing. The unique title does not come from any personal experience, as one might suppose, but from a shared favourite book.

The twosome’s ultimate goal is to produce a monthly magazine catering primarily to Calgary and its artists. After the learning process of the first magazine, Mueller and Badger believe additional issues can be made every two weeks. Their goal is to produce a monthly magazine covering not only Calgary’s graffiti but also the atmosphere surrounding the art.

With only 50 copies of the debut issue currently being printed, Never Whistle While You’re Pissing may become a collector’s item. At last check there were only 20 copies left, so contact Badger or Mueller at neverwhistle@hotmail.com if you’d like one of your own.

The next copy is due in mid-July.

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