Karin Strom

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Swedish import Karin Strom has a lot more on her plate than just music. In addition to writing all the songs on her self-titled debut, the 26-year-old has written two novels, a collection of poetry and completed a degree in neuroscience.

This unique combination of interests makes for a diverse collection of songs, both instrumentally and artistically. I found the disc’s five tracks unique and enjoyable, even if Strom does have a tendency to waver off-key. The infusion of instruments like the mellotron, the djembe–even a lead pipe–impart a distinctive sound to her music. Although the disc is short at a mere 17 minutes, it is clear Strom is striving for quality over quantity.

Aside from some irregularities in vocal pitch and harmony, Strom’s first offering is both honest and likeable.