By Evan Turner

Steriogram is proof I simply have no idea about what kinds of music out there today. Schmack! is one of those new mixes of punk and rock where the vocalists rap to hard rock instrumentals. Although I hadn’t heard much of this before I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. I found the vocals and instrumental aspects to be very balanced, unlike other rock bands, which makes sense if we’re actually supposed to hear what they’re rapping about.

I was relatively surprised to find the band decided to use a unique rhyming style in a number of the tracks, slurring the last words of one rhyme and tying them into the next. This is quite unusual, considering the effect almost makes it seem like a woman is singing and all the band members are male.

So, being naïve, I thought about halfway through the CD Steriogram had decided on a specific punk-rock style. And then I came to the track "Be Good To Me," and immediately thought "what the hell?"

Until that track they established themselves as an upbeat rock band and then suddenly everything became subdued and sorrowful. Diversity is one thing, but a band has to have some focus. This track just totally blew my image of them.

The final track reverts to the punk-rock style and tries to make you forget about its predecessor. With the exception of one out-of-place track this is a very entertaining CD.

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