New scholarships and bursaries ripe for the plucking

By Ivan Danielewicz

In the winter semester, the University of Calgary Academics Awards committee put together two new proposals for additional scholarships and bursaries. The first package, drafted in February contained a proposal for thirteen new awards and the second package contained the proposal for nine new awards. The General Faculties Council approved both proposals on May 20.

Science students will receive the majority of the new awards and scholarships, which include: the $500 Geomatics Engineering Student Society Bursaries for extra-curricular on-campus activities with Geomatics Engineering; three $2,000 Geomatics Engineering “25th Anniversary” Bursaries; the $1,250 USD Institute of Navigation Undergraduate Bursary for a third year geomatics student; the $1,500 Viking Energy Bursary, offered annually to an undergraduate student in Engineering or Science who in majoring in Geology or Geophysics; the $2,500 John Deyholos Memorial Award for geomatics engineering; the $1,500 Geomatics Engineering Future Leaders Award; and the $500 Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Scholarship.

Medicine and nursing students will also benefit from a number of new scholarships: the $500 Dr. P. Collins Bursary for medical students; the $500 C.D. Watson Nursing Scholarship, for a fourth year nursing student; the $1,000 Alberta Medical Association Award in internal Medicine for students with an internal medicine residency; and the five $1,000 Faculty of Medicine Alumni Bursaries for medical students.

For sports, these new awards have been added: the $750 Brian Collins and Joah Atkinson Memorial Awards–established by the friends and family of Brian Collins and Joah Atkinson who died last year in a car accident–awarded to two students actively involved in the community and sports (preferably rugby); and the $500 Murray Gardiner Memorial Bursary, awarded to one student who participates in competitive speed skating.

Business students are next with the following awards: the $500 Human Resources Institute of Alberta Bursary; the $2,000 Mervin Nelson Memorial Bursary with preference to a business student from rural Alberta; and the $500 Social Exchange Club Initiative Awards based on extra-curricular involvement.

Other awards cover a gamut of disciplines: the $1,500 Harnam Singh Hari Memorial Entrance and Undergraduate Bursaries Indo-Canadian students; the $500 Mogens Smed Scholarship in Sustainable Interior Architecture; the $750 N. Bruce Spankie Memorial Architectural Scholarship for environmental design; the $2,400 City of Calgary Undergraduate Bursary for Calgary high-school graduates; and the $1,000 City of Calgary and Canadian Union of Public Employees L38 Undergraduate Social Work Bursary.

For more information visit the Student Awards Office.

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