Education on the party radar

By Gauntlet Staff

ConservativesThe Conservatives have very definite goals about enhancing post-secondary education. In their platform, they “demand better services in our communities, post-secondary education in the reach of every young Canadian, a cleaner environment, and support for the family.” They recognize that provinces have a key role to play in reducing barriers to education and skills training,… Continue reading Education on the party radar

Happy Father’s Day

By Veronika Janik

This year’s Stanley Cup run could be described as nothing short of a hockey phenomenon, with the Flames, led by the remarkable Jarome Iginla, beating all odds and proving the world wrong.Now, with the playoffs over and the city filled with cliched "you’re still our heroes" congratulatory remarks, even the hardest working and most determined… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Learn from your peers?

By Вen Li

"You are traveling, and this course is a way station on your journey–your journey through life. It is a place where you and others like you can reflect on where you have come from and where you are going." This passage reminiscent of the bad offspring of the Twilight Zone and Douglas Adams is actually… Continue reading Learn from your peers?

Web goodies!

By Gauntlet Staff

Students seeking more on-line enlightenment about this year’s election now have some more choices. In addition to the official platforms released on individual party sites, both the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and the Canadian Federation of Students, Canada’s two national post-secondary education lobby groups, have set up web sites for Election 2004. CASA’s site,… Continue reading Web goodies!

Prepare to get yer vote on

By Chris Beauchamp

‘”The Liberal government seem to have done a fine job of mismanaging things,” said outgoing Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Local 52 Chair Dan Tilleman. “There seems to be a certain lack of ethics.” Tilleman pointed at Prime Minister Paul Martin’s former business interests in Canada Steamship Lines. Martin and CSL have been widely criticized… Continue reading Prepare to get yer vote on

Eat My Sports: highlight reel substitute for the (barely) literate

By Gauntlet Staff

Wrestler bronzed at Worlds U of C Dinos wrestler Breanne Graham added to her medal collection at last week’s World University Wrestling Championships in Poland. Graham trumped competitors from China, Japan and Taiwan but lost to the eventual gold medallist, American grappler Marcie Van Dusen, in regular competition in the 59 kg division. In her… Continue reading Eat My Sports: highlight reel substitute for the (barely) literate

Athletes aiming for Athens

By Ben Li

Gymnasts from all over Canada will descend on the University of Calgary this week. The Final Olympic Trial camps for Athens will take place under the leadership of Men’s National Coach Edouard Iarov. The camps will last two weeks, after which six of the ten gymnasts will be selected for the men’s national team. Dinos… Continue reading Athletes aiming for Athens

U-Pass and parking, unlikely yet friendly bedfellows

By Katie Hobday

Parking on campus and the U-Pass are the yin and yang of commuting to school: Two seemingly opposite concepts that somehow work well together. The demand for parking on campus was dramatically decreased by the implementation of the U-Pass. "In terms of the availability of parking, it’s been very positive," said University of Calgary Director… Continue reading U-Pass and parking, unlikely yet friendly bedfellows