The Organ

By Garth Paulson

What’s better–brilliance or the prospect of brilliance?

History prefers the former. Yet isn’t there a certain appeal for the incredibly promising? A ground breaking work of art never diminishes in stature but also doesn’t offer anything new. However, when artists who deliver a project that shines, potential onlookers are allowed to theorize the future and imagine all the directions that could be taken. Often, the artists can never live up to their own possibilities.

With their debut album, Grab That Gun, The Organ sound like the tortured offspring of Morrissey and Debbie Harry, managing to blend the polar styles of New Wave with the guitar-driven and overtly cynical musings of The Smiths in order to create a sound instantly familiar yet original.

That originality slips from time to time as the songs become more or less interchangeable and the lyrics often sound like some of the Mozzer’s lesser moments. Essentially, this Vancouver all-female five-piece have reached a level suggesting their next release could be phenomenal. Though, pleasing in its own right, Grab That Gun isn’t quite there yet.

Yes, it’s a solid effort but its greatest attribute is how it leaves one visualizing all the wonderful avenues The Organ could take in the future. They’ve got the skills, but can they deliver?


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