MC Eliminator eliminated

By Вen Li

The MC Eliminator concert scheduled for Mon., July 19 ended before it began. In a rare decision, the Students’ Union cancelled the concert less than two hours before its scheduled start. On that point alone the SU and MC Eliminator’s promoter agree. At around 3 p.m., three Campus Security officers escorted Lincoln Bode-Harrison from MacEwan Hall to the loading docks after a disagreement over the sound system to be used for the musical event.

“The sound system was not in any contract,” said Bode-Harrison. “We booked a show for tonight in the ballroom, and because we don’t want to use Allstar, they’re saying the show is cancelled.”

Allstar is the sound supplier for events in SU facilities. According to SU Vice-President Events Alex Vyskocil, Bode-Harrison had agreed to use Allstar when booked the facility and paid a $500 deposit. Vyskocil said that the show was cancelled also because of Bode-Harrison’s inability to pay the remaining $500 for the space.

“He just barely paid the deposit on Thursday. He owed the balance today and didn’t pay it,” said Vyskocil. “He also cancelled the Allstar sound system without telling us, which cost the SU $250. It was agreed upon that Allstar would provide the sound system before hand. Greg [Stevenson] cancelled the show because [Bode-Harrison] cancelled Allstar.”

Bode-Harrison said that he cancelled the $1,000 Allstar sound system due to the cost. Bode-Harrison wished to use a rented sound system, which he said would cost him $50­­-100. He claims that the SU would not allow them to access the audio cabling in MacEwan Hall without paying for a sound system from Allstar.

Vyskocil said that at this point, Campus Security was summoned because Bode-Harrison became angry, and refused to leave. Bode-Harrison was visibly angry as he waited for a taxi outside MacEwan hall, but claims he left willingly.

“They’re there to make sure I leave,” said Bode-Harrison. “They want me to lose money or do the show with their sound system.”

Bode-Harrison claims to have spent $200 to promote the show, and expected 500 fans to attend the show at $5-10 per ticket. Fans were directed by SU signage to return their tickets to the place of purchase for refunds.

According to Vyskocil, this type of cancellation is “a very rare occurrence.”

As he crammed materials from the concert into the back of a taxi, Bode-Harrison had no firm plans for any legal action against the SU.

“All we want to do is put on a show,” said Bode-Harrison

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