By Tara Campbell

Someday Peace Love and Freedom shines with a vision often missing in today’s society. A sense of disintegration which seems to have incapacitated us, like freedom songs of the past left with nothing but a paucity for their artists’ ideals. But alone in your car on some isolated road, you can still hear the echo of the people who once trusted these morals, and those who still do. It is Nhojj’s poetic sensibilities found through his sophomore album which evoke such striking textures.

Nhojj’s voice resonates with the trust that as long as new generations are forthcoming, our hearts will continue to question the world’s ethics and their correspondence to our natural beliefs. He does this by bringing indignation into soulful hymns of faith, juxtaposing anthems of spoken word against tracks with gentle beats, serene acoustics and gentle humming. The result is a record of dynamic harmony. He not only wrote, but also produced, arranged and mixed by Nhojj.

Clearly demonstrating the importance of understanding oneself to understand the world, he alludes to Marley’s former call for “one love, one heart” with “someday we’ll get together, someday we’ll feel alright.” Recognizing the past, he visualizes the future, trusting time will bring us forward. This is an album which brings hope and whose message we all should heed.

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