Want to quit smoking?

By Gauntlet

Your Doctor. Definitely the first person you should ask for help, your doctor can assess your health and recommend the strategies best suited to you.

The Drug Store. Can’t handle it cold turkey? Don’t fret. Over-the-counter nicotine patches, gum, and prescription-only nasal spray are available to soothe your nic-fit freakouts.

U of C Counselling Services. Located in MacEwan Student Center room 375, they can help you cope with the added stress of quitting. The first three visits per year are free.

www.cdc.gov/tobacco/how2quit.htm The United State’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The cdc site offers a plethora of information on dropping your habit, including tips and links to further resources. BONUS: A cool 3-d rotating model of the human body demonstrating the damage tobacco causes.

Yellow Pages. Look under hypnotist. You’ve tried everything else…

sources: CDC, Gauntlet reporting

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