Sibling love

By Chris Tait

With its home brewery providing many original beers on tap, the Brew Brothers Taproom, attached to the restaurant of the same name, is the place to be for anyone even remotely interested in beer.

Highly recommended comes the award-winning Prairie Steamer, with a seemingly unmatchable smoothness. Also recommended is the Black Pilsner, which adds a slightly fruity touch to round out a nice dark brew. Those who like Alley Kat Full Moon (from Edmonton) or Wild Rose Velvet Fog will enjoy the blend of lightness and full flavour of the Tumblewheat.

Even those non-beer types have something in stock for them in the Prairie Berry Ale and the Celtic brew. The first provides the neo-martini of beers in an incredibly sweet concoction “for the kids” (making purists cringe), while the second is basically an ultra-light version of the brewery’s already light Ambrush Ale.

You’ll have to wait a bit on the Celtic, though. Within the next two weeks, Brew Brothers will be releasing it alongside two other beers, the Hefeweizen and the Dunkleweizen, both of which are must-trys.

The Wednesday pizza night is fantastic. A full crust covered in Spolumbo’s sausage with a healthy dose of mozzarella tops this special. All around, the ingredients were well-considered and well-used.

All these things considered, and adding great service to the mix, Brew Brothers is an excellent choice for beer lovers, especially those looking into suckering their yuppie friends to try something new.

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