Atomic 7

By Garth Paulson

When naming songs, Atomic 7 might be the best band in the world. Their latest album, En Hillbilly Caliente includes such rollicking titles as “Kicking the Ghost of Ass”, “Funeral Hotpants”, “Various Rats Are Whacked” and “The Wreck of the Dick Family Wiener Boat”. Unfortunately, the songs rarely live up to their monikers.

The entire album is composed of only bass, drums and a single guitar, which brings a sound that comes across as a little boring. Similar to their debut, Gowns by Edith Head, En Hillbilly Caliente is an entirely instrumental album in the vein of the Ventures and Reverend Horton Heat. The instrumental work is quite good throughout the album, though doesn’t merit anything more than background music level attention. En Hillbilly Caliente isn’t really a bad album, but I would be lying if I said I have any desire to listen to it again.

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