Cowboys still the place for ridin’

By Chris Tait

There are few places that have shared the infamy of the Cowboys Dance Hall. This always full mega-bar has been described by many critics with such phrases as “meat market”, “shallow”, and “hootchy”. But everyone agrees: it is a successful venue. Thousands of patrons a week and millions of dollars a year denote this fact.

Expensive, tactless, and encompassed by a sea of silicone-enhanced peaks, valleys, and curves, and plenty of wood, what explains its success?

“People wanna be where people are,” offers Dave Wilder, of Cowboys’ management. “It’s like Disneyland for adults. They come to be part of the party.”

Sadly, behind the scenes action lacks Minnie with 48 DDs, and it’s not all TA. Safety and security are a constant concern, as is the threat of running out of cheap draft on student night (130 kegs of draught done by 11:30).

For those interested in getting “bombed” while surrounded by some of the city’s most celebrated supermodels as well as a few thousand other drinkers, Cowboys is the place for you.

In the end, you have to decide what you want. Cowboys will always be Cowboys. It is a constant in an ever-changing industry, due to the fact that it still generates an enormous amount of income. Those who hate it will hate it, and those who enjoy it will revel in the curvy eye-candy and rapid-fire pick-up lines.

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