Frat frolics ’round the rock

By Jodde Mason

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, also known as the FIJI, has been doing a “Race around the Rock” for the last 14 years. The purpose is to raise money for deserving and well-known charities, such as the Children’s Wish Foundation, and the Women’s Emergency Shelter.

“We race around the rock for 24 hours on a scooter or a skateboard and pretty much anything on wheels we can get our hands on,” said FIJI Philanthropy Chair Chris Schlee.

“We try to make this a student event fostering community, getting students actively aware of events around the campus.”

This year, their focus was on cancer, with various people collecting charities for the Canadian Cancer Society. The brothers of FIJI choose from a list of eligible charities annually.

“We chose cancer, because really, who hasn’t been touched by cancer,” said Schlee. “Everybody knows somebody who’s afflicted by cancer, or beat cancer or is gonna die from cancer.”

People both in the fraternity and not helped in the collection drive.

“We were sitting on our asses yelling at people to give money,” said Joëlle Robichaud, a student who offered her help. “We were very cold. We were sitting on our frozen asses.”

They didn’t have long to put the event together, less time than they usually have, but that didn’t stop it from being a fun event.

“We’re making money for a good cause,” said Schlee. “It’s good times all around.”

The Students’ Union put forth most of the funding this year.

“The SU is doing a really good thing by sponsoring us because now we can donate 100 per cent of the proceeds to the Cancer Society.”

The fraternity also has other charity events, such as “Skate a Kid to Camp” which helps disabled children to have the experience of camp. They are also involved in the Campus Food Drive.

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