Music Interview: The Neckers get ahead with new album

By Nolan Lewis

Not since the days of Tom Jones, in his panty hoarding prime, have there been individuals worthy of the title “Lady Killer”, until now. Calgary’s The Neckers are four Casanovas of rock ready to start a panty collection and maybe a little necking on the side with the release of their self-titled album. With the garage sound of yore, The Neckers take their listeners back to the golden era of Fonzie, providing eleven new songs to neck to in the backseat of your jalopi.

The core of the band, Bill Heatherington, Jim Blood and Brendan Tincher, have been playing together in various bands for ten years. In 2001 they released an eight song EP, In ‘A Whole Mess O’ Trouble’ establishing them in the local music scene and catching the attention of many of the city’s music critics. Now on their thirteenth bass player Steve Elaschuck, who also plays for local punk band Field Day, The Neckers are ready to release their first full-length album. Recording the new album took up to twenty days, significantly longer than the one day they had to record In ‘A Whole Mess O’ Trouble’.

“I’ve gained over 25 pounds since the last release and it comes across in the lyrics,” jokes lead singer Bill. But Bill’s weight is not going to be the only thing that will be growing with the release of the follow up to the band’s EP. The band has landed a spot in a Greyhound commercial aired nationwide which should attract some new fans. In addition, The Neckers have recently recorded a video for the first single off the new album “Don’t Wanna Worry”. But as Bill points out, they already gained a new fan at Arby’s, which could explain the extra weight.

“He [the Arby’s employee] asked me what I’d like to drink and I asked if they had any beer or red wine and the dude got way too into my joke,” recounts Bill. “He starting saying ‘I wish dude, then I’d be drunk all the time but the boss ain’t down with that’ and said he’d have a stash of beer next time for me.”

In celebration of their new album, The Neckers will be hosting a release party at The Night Gallery on Oct. 30. Joining the band on stage will be The Ramblin’ Ambassadors, The Diabetics and burlesque dance troop The Kabuki Guns. It is a Halloween party so dressing up is encouraged, as there will be prizes for the best costumes.

“There will be lots of booze,” affirms Brendan the “happy” drummer–so look out for a guy in an Arby’s uniform. “And if we’re lucky Darr Maqbool will show up,” adds Jim. “I’m even going to have my beard trimmed up nice,” affirms Bill. Whether or not he will live up to the name of the band and be handing out rides on said beard remains to be seen.

The Neckers are a local band on the rise, gaining new fans with every show–including more than just dogs and Arby’s employees. The new album is sure to garner some attention, especially from the ladies. With the continually growing fan base the band might need to change their name from The Neckers to The Fuckers as they pass first and head for home.

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