SPUN: The Matches

By Leah Sasges

The Matches are like the other fake ska bands gracing the covers of Teen Beat right now. Their new album, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals, is designed to make you feel like going to the mall and buying all of the band’s T-shirts, wrist bands and official hair gel.

A medley of teen angst-ridden lyrics blended with poppy punk rawk, the album is predictable fare you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on the radio. Some of their lyrics may be mildly amusing, sung in that mock-scream Blink 182-esque voice, but as the album lurches forward it all starts to blend.

Probably the most creative part about their CD is its title. Formerly The Locals, The Matches changed their name to avoid being sued by Yvonne Dahl, singer of another band with the same name. But when you’re talking about a CD’s title in a review, you know the band is in trouble. But with band members under the tender age of 25, hopefully The Matches’ complexity will increase with age.

For now, knowing the D, G and A power chords will only please the pubescent girls, especially those who love cute boys with hair that sticks up. Spiky hair, now that’s punk rawk.

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