Spun: The Neckers

By Nolan Lewis

The garage bands have made a comeback in a huge way as of late. Bands like The Hives, Turbonergro and The White Stripes have been moving out of the garage and straight into the mainstream. Calgary’s The Neckers are ready to be noticed with the release of their new self-titled album.

With its catchy riffs and melodies inducing foot tapping and hand clapping, the album engulfs the listener immediately. The Neckers starts off with the high-energy ballad “Don’t Wanna Worry”, setting the tone for this lively necking session with the band. Featuring nine original songs including “Don of Rock” which has a definite ’60s musical feel to it straight out of Grease. The album gets better with each song, up until the ska-tastic finale “Rabid Boy.” The album also includes two covers, the first being a phenomenal version of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Believe You” and the other is Richard Berry’s “Have Love Will Travel”. The songs are electrifying, both definitely praise worthy. With the addition of a Hammond organ, slide guitar, handclaps and a guest appearance by Iggy Pop’s guitarist, The Neckers features a depth true to the genre’s roots, but remains surprisingly accessible.

The Neckers self titled release is a throwback to a time of milkshakes, greasers and leather jackets. Though comparable to The Hives and The White Stripes, The Neckers offer more complexity and depth. The album is summed up by the chorus of the first track, “I just wanna have fun with you babe,” and fun is exactly what you get.

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