The truth about globalization

By Вen Li

In the last month, numerous one-off recordable CDs with such lofty titles as Globalization 101 and The truth about slavery have been anonymously tacked to bulletin boards about campus. The CDs contain close to 100 video, audio and text files scoured from the Internet that any tinfoil hat fanatic would love. “Who Is Ernst Zundel, And Why Is He In Jail?” sits near “CIA and Satanism” and a separate 62-part compilation entitled “Mind Control” in a neat little package purporting to educate the viewer about globalization.

Ignoring the fact that almost all of the files on the discs are presented without any kind of commentary, interpretation, or point–the distributors’ actions leave the impression that they are quite clueless as to how the world works. Using a computer built in the U.S. from parts made in Asia to burn CD blanks manufactured in China using software from Europe to shamelessly rant about globalization in Canada may be great poetic justice, but doing so eviscerates many anti-globalization arguments.

Globalization enabled the message to get out for $0.20 per copy, and whatever control the states are allegedly using to suppress dissent clearly isn’t working if a random yahoo is able to disseminate hundreds of copies of the thing. Indeed, it is despite the mind-control-September-11-Henry-Kissinger-United-Nations-is-a-fraud network that the copyrighted files liberated from the Internet are being distributed, and in proprietary file formats owned by at least three different companies.

Globalization must be bad, indeed.

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