Movie Review: The Incredibles truly… uh… incredible

By Kyle Francis

Deep within the Himalayas, movies like Catwoman, Spawn, and The Punisher, gather in a cave far from justice to form THE SHITTY SUPERHERO MOVIE LEAGUE… OF EVIL! For years they ravaged the hearts and minds of steadfast comic book nerds with their taint, challenged only by competent film renditions like Spider-Man and X-Men. Until now!

Lo! On high approaches The Incredibles, a fittingly incredible film from writer/director Brad Bird and the brilliant CGI-wielding heroes over at Pixar! With voice talent from stars like the stupendous Samuel L. Jackson, jubilant Jason Lee and Craig T. Nelson, The Incredibles arrives to smash the Shitty Superhero Movie League of Evil into oblivion!

The film opens during the glory days of superheroes, where “supers” were free to fly, bash evil and generally uphold the public good to their heart’s content. Things go terribly wrong, though, when they’re sued by those they save and forced into hiding. The film follows the exploits of Mr. Incredible and his family as they face the perils of the mundane. But they are drawn back into a showdown with the forces of evil.

Using sensational animation that would make even the Mighty Thor soil his loincloth, The Incredibles conveys its epic scale with lifelike characters, fantastic powers and impressive explosions. Despite the wide array of strengths the film possesses, the characters steal the show. The Incredible family is as rich and diverse in personality as any Pixar heroes, but even the supporting roles like Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and Jason Lee’s performance as the villain of the film deserve the highest praise.

But where would superheroes be without superpowers? Pixar has outdone themselves by reminding audiences these are super humans. Still, be amazed when Elasagirl, infiltrating the madman’s lair, manages to stretch across three hallways and get herself shut in just as many doors, before unleashing her elastic fury on the hapless guards.

Written by mere mortal Brad Bird, who was shafted with the poor reception to his brilliant The Iron Giant, he should get a pat on the back writing such a damn good script which is both fantastic and genuinely funny. Take Frozone dashing about his apartment, looking for his supersuit, all the while having a shouting match with his wife. For some reason, hearing a superhero shout something along the lines of “Dammit woman, this is a matter of the public good! Where did you put it?” just screams Brad Bird getting that elusive “it”.

So grab your capes and rally brothers! Now is the time to strike the final blow to the Shitty Superhero Movie League of Evil! Unless ye do possess most verily an incredible home theatre system, you can’t get the most out of The Incredibles unless you see it in theatres and witness all of its explosions and mayhem in full surround DTS glory!

The first step to supporting good superhero movies is buying a ticket to The Incredibles while it still protects the big screen from injustice! Onward, to glory!

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