Sexual Secrets 101: The World of Toys

By Veronika Janik

Enter scene. To the left, two women tempting passers by to spin a “naughty” wheel to win a prize. To the right, a woman dressed in a scantily clad leather ensemble demonstrating how to use a whip to intensify arousal. Individuals stare, simultaneously consumed with interest and nervousness. Directly ahead, a stage with dancers and models. An adult fashion show ensues. The setting–Taboo: The Naughty but Nice Sex Show.

7:45 p.m.: a sign reads ‘please take your seats’. Above it in black felt is ‘Sex Toys 101ยด.

Enter stage left: Sandra Weeks, a consultant for Sensual Secrets: adult products for pleasure.

“10:34 at night is when most people engage in sex,” she begins.

Heads immediately turn. Men and women of all ages listen, eager eyed, like children in a toy shop. Only this shop is restricted to those 18 and older. A table is set up with toys unfathomable to a sex-toy virgin. The lesson begins.

“Every year in Canada, you can see the changes to a more open and less shy attitude towards the use of sex toys,” says Weeks, who has taken a variety of courses relevant to relationships and human sexuality.

“Statistics show that love, sex, and orgasms are good for your health. This change of attitude is probably due to the fact people are communicating more.”

Weeks informs that young people are often embarrassed. However, it is perfectly healthy for people of all ages to be eager to learn. The younger spectators look intrigued.

She paces and begins guiding the audience through some initial steps.

Lesson 1: Begin reading and gathering information.

“Tickle Your Fancy” is a book that teaches every women about her body. After that, move on to books such as “ToyGasm” which inform the reader about the toys and how to use them on various erogenous zones.

Now a little more educated in the realm of adult toys, the following step is to begin experimenting.

Weeks grabs some products from the untouched table and turns to the audience.

Lesson 2: Products for romance

For the more romantic side of foreplay, Sensual Secrets offers a variety of lotions and potions, sure to get things going. Among others, products include:

“Tasty Tickler Dust” which comes in strawberry flavor and goes for a price of $23, and “Belgian Warm Chocolate Body Paint” for a price of $15.

Sprinkle some on and then lick it off. Taste’s good and can be done in a tasteful, yet arousing manner.

Enter stage right: A member of Week’s team makes her way through the audience. She is wearing a vibrating glove. She gently touches each spectator on the back for a brief feel of the sensation.

Still in the realm of romance, the “Five Finger Massage Glove” is a tool that slips easily onto any hand. Arousal or the relief of muscle aches–this toy guarantees either and is sold at a price of $99.

With the subtle introduction over, Week’s dives head first into the bigger and better pleasure products, available for women, men or couples.

Lesson 3: Love toys

For men, Weeks displays a toy called “Senso Lips,” silicon lips designed to fit any man, regardless of his size. This high-quality toy is made of 4-inch super soft lips and is ribbed inside for extra pleasure. The selling price is $44.

A similar toy is called the “Jelly Pocket Pal”, however this product is shaped like female genitalia. However, this one goes for a price of $30.

“For guys it’s often quite simple to get stimulated,” informs Weeks. “For women it’s not quite the same. We need a little extra help.”

She returns to the table and reaches for a number of toys. She begins with regular vibrators.

Among the plainest are the “Flower Power” vibrators. These multi-speed, 7-inch vibrators run on batteries and contain a lovely, feminine flower decor. They also come in three colors which are purple rose, pink pansies, and garden paradise. A good beginner toy with a reasonable cost of $32.

Weeks moves on to the more upscale products.

This time, it’s the “Girl 2 Vibe”. Made of silicon and shaped like a hook to hit the G-spot, Weeks guarantees great vibrations, that are a little more intense than a regular vibrator. The selling price is $64.

With the toy back on the table, Weeks paces and reaches for a final item.

She holds in her hand the “Pink Jelly Tarzan” and the name says it all. This Japanese quality toy screams experience. It is a multi-speed vibrator, that promises stimulation of more than one area, with a shaft that contains rotating beads. This item sells for $109 and is wonderful for any woman.

Weeks returns to the table and dictates her final instructions.

Lesson 4: Do not be afraid to experiment. Toys will only increase the pleasure.

“Toys are now seen as more of enhancers and aids to love making, as opposed to a man replacement and evil,” she states.

With the demonstration done, Weeks looks out into the intrigued audience.

“Thank you for coming,” she says and takes a bow. Exit stage.

Now more educated about life’s “little secrets” and ready to delve into the world of sex toys, the audience claps and exits.

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