Spun: Ludacris

By Colin Flynn

Ludacris impresses from the beginning with his flow, cleverness and charisma showcasing his game as one of the best emcees. All this during the “Intro” of his latest, The Red Light District.

The first single “Get Back” delivers Ludacris’ usual catchy, thumping hooks coupled with spot-on quality production providing a solid foundation for the album. Supposedly retired, DMX makes an intriguing appearance on the track “Put Your Money,” though it’s disappointing to hear him only on the chorus. With Ludacris’ usual themes of bitches, money, liquor and weed, there are no surprises on this album.

Since his major label debut Back for the First Time, Luda has failed to evolve his style and sound. Not much of a letdown, though, since he still delivers the same solid raps with some of the best producers around, including Timbaland and DJ Green Lantern. The album does offer a few groovy and soulful sounding tunes, but Luda ultimately delivers the same club-pumpin’ sound he’s known for.

Always willing to spread his wealth and position for his own clique, he does no different on this disc, with appearances by several Disturbing Tha Peace label artists, like Small World and Dolla Boy (“Who Not Me”) as well as Bobby V. (“Pimpin’ All Over the World”). Though adding flavor to the album, they are nowhere near as talented as the man himself and serve merely as filler.

Ludacris may not bring us anything new, but he pumps out another solid record with The Red Light District, which is able to get anyone’s head bobbin’ or booty shakin’.

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