SU Review: VP Academic

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Academic issues are at the heart of this portfolio, which encompasses everything from scholarships to university programs. The VP Academic must lead members of the Students’ Academic Assembly in representing students at the General Faculties Council, and in developing policy regarding students’ academic lives. In addition, the VP Academic must ensure that students who seek assistance from the SU on academic matters receive the help they need.

Laura Schultz

Any way you look at it, Schultz works very hard making the most of her extensive SU and university knowledge so far, but falls short in the leadership department.

Schultz views herself as someone who works well with her commission, but reality betrays something else. At SAA meetings, Schultz appears to take personal offense to critical comments from commissioners and faculty representatives, and very few academic policies have emerged from other elected assembly members.

Schultz needs to take a more active role in the leadership of SAA, and mend a growing rift between faculty representatives and academic commissioners. Some feel that she could start by utilizing her commission more effectively to alleviate the workload of the faculty reps. Something needs to be done to fix this problem, or this year’s second term could see an SAA meltdown.

The lack of delegation perhaps explains her perpetual state of business, but not necessarily quantifiable productivity, as observed by fellow executives and commissioners. In an election year with an abundance of big issues, SAA has passed only one academic policy, with few substantive resolutions.

On the SU Executive Council, other officials variously view Schultz as considerate, accommodating, or less influential than the senior VP should be.