Theatre Preview: Looking into the ceiling for real theatre

By AJ Kalsi

For some, the theater has been an enigmatic place for the pompous and pretentious to attend in their mothballed nightwear and feign understanding of the arts. But those days of Frasier and friends have long since passed, making way for a more hipper and fresh perspective on the long thought musty theatre. Thanks to the… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Looking into the ceiling for real theatre

Theatre Review: Faithless pleases even the heathens

By Stephanie Shewchuk

All in the space of seconds, two men switch from masquerading as husband and wife to playing temperamental siblings. Then, just as quickly, they’re father and son. Co-authors and performers Chris Craddock and Steve Pirot manage to pull off the numerous characters in this religion-infused drama with humor and a real sense of believability. In… Continue reading Theatre Review: Faithless pleases even the heathens

Theatre Review: Kaha: Wi beautiful

By Kristin McVeigh

The set consists of five trees drawn onto fabric stretching from floor to ceiling on the black stage. There is the occasional light show among the simple costumes of neutral colours. The vibrant life of this production goes beyond its set dressing, coming from the dance choreography of Santee Smith and the production’s haunting music.… Continue reading Theatre Review: Kaha: Wi beautiful

Figuratively Speaking

By Veronika Janik

Lips, eyes, arms, legs, breasts, genitals, curves, shapes, lines and language. The theme of the human figure has been present in art history since the beginning of time. Artists depict facial features in portraits, sculptures, photographs and sketches. For ages, some have portrayed the beauty of the human body with nudism, while others have artistically… Continue reading Figuratively Speaking

Spun: The Game

By Nathan Atnikov

If it’s possible for an artist to be overexposed before his proper debut is even released, then that probably explains why you’re already sick of The Game. In the months leading up to the release of The Documentary, The Game was the feature of a huge publicity blitz expounding the virtues of the next great… Continue reading Spun: The Game

Pick your poison, alcohol makes you smarter… sort of?

By Вen Li

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Jan. 20 reveals that moderate alcohol consumption enhances cognitive function in women. The researchers wrote: “We found that older women who consumed up to one drink per day had consistently better cognitive performance than nondrinkers. Overall, as compared with nondrinkers, women who drank 1.0-14.9… Continue reading Pick your poison, alcohol makes you smarter… sort of?

Spun: Wu-Tang Clan

By Ben Hoffman

Something amazing happened on July 17, 2004, something many were skeptical would ever happen: the Wu-Tang Clan got together, every one of them, to give the performance of a lifetime. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but the concert featured on the new CD/DVD set Disciples of the 36 Chambers may… Continue reading Spun: Wu-Tang Clan

Spun: Eddie Turner

By Lori Anne Archer

Eddie Turner is Bon Jovi meets Gospel meets smooth jazz and he’s all business on his debut solo album Rise. Throwing together a crazy mix of hardcore electric guitar and soulful lyrics, Turner’s music takes you on a musical ride that’s hard to forget. Influenced by a vast number of artists in a wide variety… Continue reading Spun: Eddie Turner

Spun: Breaking Benjamin

By Jaime Burnet

Ah, Benjamin. You have all the elements of the next big thing for those who want to lose their musical virginity, but don’t want to go all the way. After impatiently waiting for pop-punk to satisfy, there are undoubtedly those wanting to move onto heavier things, but afraid of plunging head-first into the death metal… Continue reading Spun: Breaking Benjamin